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HARD OIL® Cooking Oil Solidifier x 3 + Gift Set: Easy Cooking Oil Disposal
HARD OIL® Cooking Oil Solidifier : Easy Cooking Oil Disposal
HARD OIL® Cooking Oil Solidifier x 3 + Gift Set: Easy Cooking Oil Disposal

HARD OIL® Cooking Oil Solidifier x 3 + Gift Set: Easy Cooking Oil Disposal

The Kitchen Laboratories

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HARD OIL® Plant-based cooking oil solidify solution

3 x HARD OIL® 6.3 oz. (180g) each solidifies 18 cups of cooking oil. 

- Patent Pending -

1x The Kitchen Laboratories Reusable Eco Bag 11.8" x 15.7" (30 cm x 40 cm)

1 x HARD OIL® Mini Black Silicone Spatula 8.5" x 1.5" (21.5 cm x 4 cm) 

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1.) After using cooking oil, remove it from heat.

2.) Pour one scoop of HARD OIL® for every cup of cooking oil , while the oil is still hot. Increase the amount of the HARD OIL® to double or triple if you have heavy breading batter in the oil.

3.) Stir HARD OIL® and cooking oil together until HARD OIL® completely dissolves.

4.) Wait approximately 1 hour until the cooking oil completely cools to a solid state . Larger pots or fryers may require longer cooling times.

5.) To discard, first release the solidified oil from the surface of the pot by sliding a spatula along the edge.

6.) Dispose of the oil in the trash


The Kitchen Laboratories HARD OIL®

The Non-Toxic Cooking Oil Solidifier that Makes Disposal Easy with No Spills, No Mess, and No Stress!

Tired of the greasy spills and stinky residues of waste cooking oil disposal? HARD OIL® transforms up to 2 quarts of oil into an easy-to-handle, non-toxic, and solid disc that you can simply throw out!

IDEAL FOR HOME COOKS who love frying but hate the mess and grease of clean-up, HARD OIL® can solidify up to 2 quarts (2 liters) of old cooking oil a time

ENJOY EFFICIENT OIL WASTE DISPOSAL with a cooking oil solidifier that hardens used oil into an easy-to-manage form that you can throw in the trash

ECO-FRIENDLY AND NON-TOXIC: HARD OIL® is a sustainable plant-based oil solidifier that protects the environment along with drainage and septic systems

EASY TO USE: each 6.3 oz. (180g) bag of HARD OIL® comes with a 10g plastic scoop, allowing you to quickly measure out the right amount - each bag contains enough HARD OIL to harden up to 18 cups of oil


Are You Tired of the Mess and Stress of Waste Cooking Oil Disposal?

Love fried food, but hate the messy clean-up? Smelly, greasy, and hard to dispose of, home cooks in the United States have long faced the choice of clogging up their drains…

 …Or filling countless old jars to throw away waste oil in the trash, praying that the container doesn’t break and attract flies, creepy crawlies, and worse into your kitchen.

 HARD OIL® is the new and improved way of throwing out old cooking oil, transforming your used cooking oil into a solid, gelatinous disc that can easily be tossed in the trash. Now you can enjoy cooking all your favorite fried food at home with minimal fuss and clean-up!


HARD OIL®:  Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based Cooking Oil Solidifying Technology

Nature has a solution for every problem – and old cooking oil disposal is no different. HARD OIL® is a plant-based cooking oil solidifier that uses natural, sustainable, non-toxic ingredients.

 HARD OIL® makes it easy to turn your unwieldy, hot oil slurry into a gelatinous disc that can be thrown into the garbage thanks to a non-reactive, non-explosive hydrolysis process. This oil hardener isn’t just kind on the environment: it’s also cruelty-free and has never been tested on animals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marcus Wood
Most dependable product in my kitchen!

I have been using Hard Oil for several years now and it is best non-food product in my kitchen. Disposing of cooking oil should come with a level of environmental responsibility. Hard Oil allows cooks dispose of cooking oil with little to no mess. Will continue to support The Kitchen Laboratories and this product.

Sarah Freeman
Greatest thing to happen to hot oil ever!!

At first I didnt understand how it worked but I let the oil cool off a bit too much. If you use it right away, it sets it right up to be solid. Can't wait to buy it again when it is in stock

yasuko s.

It’s very easy to use .

Bruce M.

I used to save plastic containers with screw on lids just so I could fill them with dirty cooking oil and put them in the garbage without risk of them making a mess. With hard oil I add it to the hot oil let it cool and then slip the whole mess out of the pan and into the garbage. I love this stuff! Thanks!

Allison W.
Best Product Ever!

Every time I use this product I am wowed! It is awesome and makes frying effortless. I have given this product as a gift and it’s always a hit. Buy it now, you will not be disappointed!!!

Thank you for your multiple purchases, Allison! Your support means a lot for us.